Prepaid tokens for your meter can be bought from most Checkers, Shoprite, PicknPay, Boxer, Score
and other stores. Ask your local store if they sell ESKOM/ EasyPay electricity tokens!
Tokens can also be bought via the EasyPay website: www.easypay.co.za

You need your prepaid meter number to buy tokens. Your meter number is the 11 digit number on
your prepaid meter. Tokens are meter specific and will only work on that respective meter number.
Some stores have Money-Market counters while at other stores tokens can be bought from any till
Ask for Eskom Electricity tokens . (Prepaid electricity and prepaid water tokens are bought
in the same way! You just need your correct meter number and the system will
automatically pick up if it is water or electricity).
You give the cashier the prepaid meter number and asked for whatever Rand value token
you require. (You can buy for any value from R10 and above).
Token number (20 digit number) is printed immediately on the stores cash receipt slip.
When you get to your property you need to input this 20 digit token number into your prepaid
meter keypad to obtain the respective credit!



You can also use UniPIN vouchers which are a scratch-card/PIN type voucher. UniPIN vouchers are available from SPARS, most petrol garages and some smaller stores. You buy a UniPin voucher and you send an SMS to Unipin to obtain the token number (SMS instructions are on the voucher). Token number is SMS’d back by Unipin. You need to input this token number into your prepaid meter keypad.